She attracted attention: it cost her her life.

Being the ‘center of attention’ can be an attractive option to young people.

After all, in today’s ‘social media driven’ society, that attention can translate into opportunities, money, an exciting lifestyle and a myriad of other benefits considered ‘reserved’ for the more ‘attractive’ individuals among us.

Not all aspects of added attention, though, are so enticing.

Bryan Kohberger’s Server Reveals What Was Memorable About His Order—Reports (

People that work hard to attract people can, as well, attract attention from the wrong kinds of people. They can find themselves the target of stalkers, voyeurs, and even murderers.

Further, while they’re confident that they’re just ‘having a good time’ they can, even inadvertently, offend one of these individuals — even without knowing it. It’s very difficult to assess a threat you do not know is there.

Recently, four students were murdered in Idaho and, of the four, two of them were photographed virtually everywhere in almost every pose imaginable. Young women, both blondes, they were clearly enjoying the attention their photographs garnered, and they published them regularly.

Many people noticed them — why wouldn’t they, they were promoting themselves and seemed to enjoy the attention. But one individual, in particular, was also following their online personas — and he, unlike most people, had far less than pleasant intentions for these girls.

In a move that appears to have been planned in advance, he killed four students — two of which were the girls that had been routinely photographed.

The young man, reportedly a dedicated a criminology student, seems to have become enamoured with — if not the girls themselves, at least the stalking of them.

His crime cannot be described as a ‘crime of passion’ as there does not appear to be any indication that these girls had encouraged his behavior — at least not knowingly.

Bryan Kohberger allegedly followed 3 female Idaho victims on Instagram (

Their ‘party life’ environment was well documented and the home they shared was widely known for upsetting people in their neighborhood. It was was their neighbors who routinely filed one noise complaint with police after another in an effort to maintain some semblance of peace.

Still, the parties continued unabated and the girls continued their photography habit.

A fifth student known to have been home that evening reportedly encountered the killer as he was leaving the building on at least two occasions — inside the house, in a hallway.

For reasons unknown, he interacted with her long enough to make a statement — but chose to let her be the sole survivor of his visit that night.

For now, at least, the impetus for the killings remains a mystery.

Would the killer’s handwriting belie at least a portion of his mindset? Absolutely. Other countries allow handwriting analysis to be used in court to determine certain characteristics of one’s personality.

In the United States, graphoanalysis in the courtroom is limited to cases involving forgery and other matters pertaining to evidentiary based procedures.

The day is coming when we will be able to review handwriting to determine dangerousness — especially in divorce and child custody hearings where one parent or the other is accused of an increased capacity for violence or where fear is commonly utilized as a tool to obtain a desired behavior.

Karen Weinberg

Bryan Kohberger was likely motivated by sexual ‘arousal’ and ‘hatred’: experts | Fox News

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