Woman Kills Husband, Was His Shooting At His Request?

Note: We find this particular story a bit peculiar. This issue has long a factor for people that are suffering. What are the limits? Who decides?

Most would have to agree that the hospital setting in which this occurred would be far less than ideal if, in fact, her husband wanted assistance in passing. And how many people would choose to die by a handgun? Certainly there could have been better methods, especially given his ‘terminal’ condition.

Questions, questions.

Why aren’t there video taped interactions with him in which he delineated his intent? Why no documents memorializing his desire to die? Why no conversations with other people in which he explained his choice or lack thereof?

Finally, if her claims are true, why was he in the hospital? Who took him there and under what circumstances?

Certainly people can find themselves in such a predicament but why did this play out the way that it did? A shooting in a hospital setting? With other people present during a 4 hour ‘standoff’ with police? A bullet discharged into the ceiling?

This story should serve as a warning to anyone considering such ridiculously extreme measures even if the ‘dire circumstances’ surrounding this matter prove to be true.