Woman Kills Husband, Was His Shooting At His Request?

Note: We find this particular story a bit peculiar. This issue has long a factor for people that are suffering. What are the limits? Who decides? Most would have to agree that the hospital setting in which this occurred would be far less than ideal if, in fact, her husband wanted assistance in passing. And […]

Depression Women

Young Mother Kills 2 of 3 Children, Jumps from Window

Usually, it will begin with a comment, a ‘warning’ shot across the bow. Massachusetts mom allegedly killed two of her kids, injured baby before jumping out window | Fox News A comment, a threat, a hint at what is to come. Family members and mates, co-workers and friends need to be paying attention when such […]

Life Workplace Violence

When Co-Workers Kill

Violent crime is at an all time high. And while no one can ascertain exactly what’s happening or where, the trend shows little indication that it’s going to slow anytime soon. What’s driving it? And what can you do to protect yourself? And is there any way to know, in advance, of an issue?