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Naomi Judd’s suicide note belies her mindset

Naomi Judd spent decades in the hands of psychiatrists who prescribed her psychotropics and antidepressants.

Still, on April 30, 2022, she took her own life using a firearm, and using her last moments on this earth to directing the readers of her suicide note to prohibit her daughter, Wynonna, from attending her funeral and calling Wynonna ‘mentally ill’.

The oft-cited love/hate relationship between the two was well known amongst those who knew them, saw them in public together, listened to the lyrics of their self-styled songs or read even excerpts from their books: it was, quite simply, there.

No one that puts a weapon to their own head should ever call another human being ‘mentally ill’. If there is a gauge, killing oneself [or anyone or anything else] would have to appear somewhere around the top of that list.

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