Honor Roll Teen, 14, Killed by Her Father

“So this is how it ends…” A cryptic note from Wood’s father taunting his estranged wife gave the only warning anyone would receive prior to the murder suicide that shattered whatever dreams might have existed for 14 year old Ava.

NY dad bought shotgun 16 days before killing teen daughter in murder-suicide

When relationships end or become acrimonious, it’s always a good idea to ‘defuse’ any and all situations that arise.

It’s even more important to employ such tactics when dealing with a mate that is not in agreement with separation or divorce.

Checking handwriting for signs of dangerousness is no different that noticing any other type of evidence. It gives one an opportunity to tend to issues of personal safety. It changes the game.

Ava Wood lived with her father. She would have had samples of his handwriting and, with guidance, could have determined her father’s emotional state was deteriorating.

As it was, no one realized the girl was in danger, even when the gun was purchased.

There’s little doubt that murders are increasing across the board.