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Boy Scouts Under Fire: Attorneys Assert Pedophiles Infiltrated Group

It’s on: critics have warned for years that the BSA became a haven for pedophiles looking for new victims and, now, a lawsuit brought by prominent attorneys has brought the issue to the fore.

One important aspect of the suit is crucial to understanding this issue. Pedophiles commit crimes — many crimes against and usually against hundreds of people — during the course of their lifetimes.

Consistent with known statistics pertaining to pedophilia, for every victim from the Boy Scouts that’s come forward, between 150 and 250 more are expected to exist — bringing the victim totals to parallel, if not exceed, the numbers involved in the Catholic Church cover-up.

How can people recognize predators PRIOR to their having committed a crime?

It shows in their handwriting.

Criminality appears in traits in handwriting. While comprehensive understanding of the entire story requires a good bit of study, here is the ‘Cliff Note’ version: Most people will show one sign or another of criminality in their handwriting. [Investigators and detectives will almost always have criminal traits in their handwriting due to their interest in and ability to think like a criminal in order to perform their duties effectively.]

The graphologist will look for criminal traits in the writing and the greater the number of criminal traits in the writing — as well as a shortage of traits that belie the individual’s ability to control or restrict their criminal characteristics — we can determine whether or not the person is actually a criminal. If there are eight or more signs of criminality, you are safe to assume you are dealing with a criminal. If you suspect you are dealing with a criminal, get a sample of their handwriting and consult a graphologist that specializes in criminal traits. 


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