Husbands killing wives: a primer

He might have fallen for someone else and ruined the life he had. He might be suffering the effects of a ‘mid life’ crisis that left him depressed and/or irritable. There might have been trouble at work or he might even have lost his job, his position or his career. 

Maybe his 501 cratered or his kids disappointed him or he might have thought she would divorce him and take half of his everything.

Whatever is happening, there’s an awful lot of it going around right now because the headlines are coming in from everywhere and the parallels are downright disturbing,

Have you ever considered that you might be next? Lots of people display aberrant behaviors when they’re experiencing highs and lows or the devastatingly wild mood swings that can come with being faced with losing those things most precious to them: families, homes, careers, relationships.

People have a breaking point, after all. Contrary to popular belief, many cannot simply pick up, change gears and go again. Devoid of the ‘stabilizing factors upon which they normally depend, people can lose their ability to cope.

Spirituality has always been a conduit to a higher realm: one we think of as offering peace and tranquility. Now, though, even that has been lost as the shift away from God and country has pushed people to the brink of insanity.

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