What is it that causes domestic violence victims to stay?

She knew her life was in danger. She had to know. It was obvious to all her knew her. It was also obvious to anyone that actually listened to her teen daughter who described the actions of her own father as dangerous.

In fact, she told them she was afraid for her life.

The police, though, trusted the 42 year old father’s explanation of ‘rebelliousness’ on the part of his 17 year old daughter, who accused him of abuse.

Not enough evidence, they said.

Despite this fact, the Utah father of five killed all of them: his wife, his mother-in-law, his own five children ranging in age from 4 to 17, and himself.

NY TIMES: Father accused of abuse before killings

The Christmas lights case an eerie glow on the scene that included police tape around nearly half the block — a block of newly built homes in a largely Mormon neighborhood in Enoch, Utah, known for its cattle and sheep, red rock parks and quiet, even serene, family lives.

DESERT NEWS, an Utah newspaper, was attacked for publishing a glowing obituary of the killer.

So, who knew — who should’ve known, who could’ve intervened and why didn’t anyone do anything — in spite of the protestations of his daughter?

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