How Dangerous Is He?

There are things you can do — in fact, need to do — if you are concerned for your safety or that of your children.

A large, intimidating dog for instance — and one professionally trained, if possible.

Today’s world is different than the one we faced even five years back. The stresses of dealing with these issues are pushing people to the brink. Some simply can’t take the pressure. Others were always looking for a reason — or worse, an opportunity.

Suicide is at an all time high.

So. What are the odds? And are you willing to trust your life to chance?

Submitting a sample of the handwriting of someone you suspect may be cracking under the weight of it all is a simple process that can be accomplished by email if time is of the essence.

It doesn’t have to be a letter written ‘from the heart’, either — a simple grocery list will do. Does neatness count? No, it doesn’t. Originals, while very useful, aren’t necessary. You’ll be amazed what a competent handwriting analyst can accomplish in even a modicum of time.

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