So-called ‘Christian’ pastor/author renounces faith, apologizes to LGBTQ community

How can one ascertain the level of sincerity in one who proclaims themselves ‘Christian’?

Joshua Harris has had his detractors over the course of the last twenty years since he wrote ‘I Kissed Dating Good-bye’ for a myriad of reasons.

A young man, just 21, when he authored the book and announced himself a ‘purity’ advocate, Harris’ version of Christianity has always been in question by those who — quite understandably — questioned how seriously the relationship advice offered by a 21 year old person might actually be taken.

The fact that Harris found a following significant enough to install him as pastor was hardly unprecedented — and, historically speaking, these people tend to become ‘media darlings’ if, for no other reason than that they’re interesting individuals who readily lend themselves to writers constantly on the hunt for ‘human interest’ stories that readers will find interesting.

His wife, Shannon Harris, promptly followed suit, renouncing her faith on the heels of their divorce announcement. The couple has three children.

In his online diatribes, Harris has written that he’s been living in repentance for several years — repenting of his self-righteousness, his fear based approach to life, the teaching of his books, his views of women in the church and his approach to parenting…”

Should people be surprised as Harris’ lack of faith? What about that of his wife?

Harris’ handwriting readily illustrates his sense of ‘double-mindedness’. He not only demonstrated his confusion but also his fear concerning his position.

The handwriting sample here belies his inability to find his own ‘track to run on’ — he’s an opportunist looking for a niche that will support him and his ego which, even in his youth, was quite pronounced.

He was looking for a vehicle that would transport him to ‘fame’ and he found it — as a pastor and author, titles handed him at a very young age and well before his own views could even take shape.

Therefire, it comes as no real surprise that Harris would renounce his work and his faith at the standard point in time that many men face the typical ‘mid-life crisis’ that causes them to second-guess their paths in life.

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