Lawyer kills wife and son

This attorney is accused of attempting to provide compelling evidence that he wasn’t the culprit when his wife and son were killed at the family lodge, with repeated shotgun blasts. The blood splatter from his son’s murder was the piece of evidence that told another story. Alex Murdaugh’s son Paul Murdaugh sustained grisly fatal injury: […]


Daily Killings: Since when?

There has been a rapid succession of killings throughout the US and beyond — killings that seem nearly nonsensical — and some so violent [beheadings, dismemberments], that they’re shocking not only in the incidents themselves but in their similarities. Since when do people knock three year olds onto the railroad tracks? Why is there a […]


A hung jury twice: Did he kill his parents?

Chandler Halderson Lied About School, Job, Killed Parents When Dad Found Out: Prosecutor (newsweek.com) https://www.newsweek.com/chandler-halderson-lied-about-school-job-killed-parents-when-dad-found-out-prosecutor-1665638 AJ Armstrong’s brother told doctors he witnessed parents’ murders – ABC13 Houston


15 ways to be more secure online

Welcome to the New World. Email phishing has evolved. Trolls can target your Facebook timeline, and your social security number is probably floating around the internet right now. Even Wi-Fi is no longer completely secure. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is a shining path you can follow to keep yourself safe. Or, […]

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Boy Scouts Under Fire: Attorneys Assert Pedophiles Infiltrated Group

It’s on: critics have warned for years that the BSA became a haven for pedophiles looking for new victims and, now, a lawsuit brought by prominent attorneys has brought the issue to the fore. One important aspect of the suit is crucial to understanding this issue. Pedophiles commit crimes — many crimes against and usually […]


How Dangerous Is He?

There are things you can do — in fact, need to do — if you are concerned for your safety or that of your children. A large, intimidating dog for instance — and one professionally trained, if possible. Today’s world is different than the one we faced even five years back. The stresses of dealing […]